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Global brands with a heritage

Brands with a heritage …. Quick! ….. your top ten:

1. The Queen (there goes my knighthood)

2. Coca-Cola

3. Rolls-Royce

4. Guinness

5. Cunard

6. Swire

7. Burberry

8. James Bond

9. Hollywood

10. Savile Row (stretching it a bit here)

Top tens are of course nonsense. But what surprised me was that after number 4 I actually had to think. Which tells me that I am either stupid or there are not a hell of a lot of brands with heritage out there that spring quickly to mind.


Heritage is not just about history. Essentially, it is about staying true to your values. The heritage of a brand needs to be cared for as much as the heritage of a nation; in some ways more so. But heritage is one of a company's greatest assets and Brand Heritage News intends to provide a forum for discussing these trends. We do not intend to analyse branding per se, nor are we particularly focused on heritage brands (i.e. those brands which use heritage as part of their USP) but rather the evidence of any company's (young or old) attempt to preserve and communicate its brand's heritage.