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Wet Nellie sold at auction


Talking of curating Bond (as I was in December 2012), I was interested to read that one of the most iconic gadgets in any Bond film has recently been sold at auction for £550,000. Dubbed ‘Wet Nellie’ by the crew on the set of ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, What is more remarkable, however, is that the submarine-modified Lotus Esprit was found by someone who had bought a storage container in Long Island in 1989. It is believed the Lotus was left in storage by the production company which paid for the container for 10 years. When the payment ran out and nobody came to collect it, it was put up for sale. How this could happen to such a high profile artefact from one of the most successful and long-running franchises in the history of cinema is another salient reminder of how vigilant we have to be about curating the objects that tell our stories.


Heritage is not just about history. Essentially, it is about staying true to your values. The heritage of a brand needs to be cared for as much as the heritage of a nation; in some ways more so. But heritage is one of a company's greatest assets and Brand Heritage News intends to provide a forum for discussing these trends. We do not intend to analyse branding per se, nor are we particularly focused on heritage brands (i.e. those brands which use heritage as part of their USP) but rather the evidence of any company's (young or old) attempt to preserve and communicate its brand's heritage.