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Heritage matters for Hong Kong companies too

Commentary tops Hong Kong Business commentary with over 300 views

Young brands with long histories

Great article on Fast Company how young companies are creatively interpreting their Facebook timelines and on Marketing Week on how young companies are re-writing their own histories.

Your Curator featured on Hong Kong Business

A piece by Your Curator’s Managing Director Chris White entitled “Heritage matters for Hong Kong Companies too” appeared on the Hong Kong Business online website today.

The vital role of brand custodians

The importance of a well-documented brand heritage was put rather well on

“The most important advantage that a well-documented heritage provides is possibly its most underrated quality. It gives brand custodians a sense of history and with it an increased sense of responsibility. A brand’s heritage could reveal some of the brand’s intrinsic strengths and this knowledge could be reassuring as a booster during lean times or when the brand is under attack.

Not every brand has been around for a long time and many brands that have are not documented. Documenting the brand’s history helps give successors invaluable cues about how to act in the future. Indeed there are several brand managers who are not conscious of the need to pass on a valuable heritage to their successors. Senior management needs to develop systems that ensure that this is done for the longevity of the brand.

Brand custodians must realize that they inherit legacies created or enhanced by their predecessors and they, in turn, have a role to link the brand’s future with its history. Successes and failures must be recounted with equal candor for educating future decisions and as a possible source for ideas — successes can be found in earlier aborted plans. Either way, the future of your brand almost certainly depends on the past.”

Kartikeya Kompella is the business head of a leading DM Agency in Chennai, India. He has 10 years of varied experience in the fields of advertising, brand consulting, marketing, and online branding.


Heritage is not just about history. Essentially, it is about staying true to your values. The heritage of a brand needs to be cared for as much as the heritage of a nation; in some ways more so. But heritage is one of a company's greatest assets and Brand Heritage News intends to provide a forum for discussing these trends. We do not intend to analyse branding per se, nor are we particularly focused on heritage brands (i.e. those brands which use heritage as part of their USP) but rather the evidence of any company's (young or old) attempt to preserve and communicate its brand's heritage.